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  • IM Phenom is Launching
    December 7th 2015
  • $20,000 in prizes
  • 50% Instant and Recurring
  • Create a massive automatic income
1 December
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  • phenom-facebook
    Module 1: Becoming a Facebook Celebrity
    • How to brand yourself and your business in a way that attracts a raving fan base
    • Secret techniques for engaging with your audience and keeping them focused on you (which massively increases sales)
    • How to easily build a solid business and community using Facebook (this alone is worth millions)
  • Solo Ad Mastery
    Module 2: Solo Ad Mastery
    • How to build a massive list using solo ads
    • The bullet-proof technique for choosing a quality solo ad service (without knowing this you risk losing huge amounts of money)
    • The secrets to testing ad copy and providers that convert the best
  • Building a Massive List For Free
    Module 3: Building a Massive List For Free
    • Learn how to build an email list for free using underground techniques to earn back on every dollar you spend on advertising
  • Classified Ad Domination
    Module 4: Classified Ad Domination
    • Learn secret strategies to dominating your niche using classified site marketing on places such as Craigslist, Back Page, and more...
    • Find out the benefits of this type of advertising and the BIGGEST mistake to avoid when advertising on them
  • Facebook PPC
    Module 5: Facebook PPC
    • Learn advanced, underground Facebook PPC marketing strategies used by top marketers
    • Includes powerful techniques for getting massive returns for every dollar you spend
  • Viral Video Marketing Secrets
    Module 6: Viral Video Marketing Secrets
    • Learn how you can become an Internet marketing celebrity using video, and how to dominate your niche with it
  • Branding Your Way to 10K
    Module 7: Branding Your Way to 10K
    • In depth module that shows you how to grow your business into a million dollar brand (and beyond)
  • Branding Your Way to 10K
    Module 8: List Building Secrets
    • Learn secret advanced techniques for building a massive and targeted email list
  • Branding Your Way to 10K
    Module 9: Community Creation Mastery
    • The secrets to creating a community that will become your raving fans and pay you for life
  • Branding Your Way to 10K
    Module 10: From Zero to Hero in 6-12 Months
    • Learn how to go from literally nothing to a 6 figure income in 6 - 12 months
How You Can Earn Massive Automatic Income

You earn 50% commission for the initial sale of $97, and then 50% commission for the $29.95 per month your referral pays after that.

That means for every referral, you earn $48.50 instantly, and then $14.97 per month in residual income!

And with the way we've designed this program, people are going to stick to it for a long time, because it is such an affordable price and has all the tools they could possibly need as a marketer.

And once people start building a list, hosting videos, creating capture pages, and hosting blogs, they don't want to let those things go. So we expect an AMAZINGLY high retention rate - meaning your residual income will continue to build and won't slip through your fingers..

Let us show you exactly how this works:

10 $485 $149.75
20 $970 $299.40
30 $1,455 $449.25
40 $1,940 $299.50
50 $2,425.00 $748.75

Not only are you getting instant commissions, you're also building a residual income at the same time.

And best of all, these tools are in VERY high demand in the market right now, because a lot of people are looking for more affordable options for these types of marketing tools, without spending huge amounts each month as they build their business.

NOTE: Even though we offer residual income, this is not an MLM. You only get paid commissions for people who purchase the product, and not multiple levels deep.

Sales Contest
1st place $10k
(200 sales minimum)
2nd place $5k
(100 sale minimum)
3rd place $2k
4rd place $1k
5th to 10th - $400 each
Promotional Materials
Presell Video

You can use this video anywhere you want to sell your customers on our marketing tools.

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